Usually, we do not require personal information to our visitors but if you want to have our newsletter and other offers information then we will ask to provide your email id to get the offers. You are giving this information for your own knowing and you will receive the offers and newsletter after you give the personal information.

Sharing and Using of Personal Information

We do not share any personal information to a third party what we have gathered from our visitors and users. We have different data for different players but we never show the sensitive information about a player like the financial information as credit card number, account number and many other things. We will also never share their account log-in information to the public. We only use some offer details according to the request of the player and other information is kept securely in our web server.

Web Beacons Cookies and Other Technologies

The web beacons are the widely used technology to gather personal information of the visitors of a website. Everyday, many visitors visit our website but we do not keep information of all visitors we just keep the information for those visitors who download from us and in the mean time we put a cookie with the download and that all we do.

Cookie is nothing but information what is sent by the server to the browser to keep the track and stat of the browser. This cookie will keep the log-in information, registration information, user preference and online shopping information and much other information. The browser keeps these information send them back to the server.

This cookie can customize the display of the users and send otherwise it can keep the track of the users and continuously send update to the host server about the users. You can change the settings of your browser to refuse the cookie but there are some websites where if your browser does not accept the cookie then you can not access those websites anymore.

Service Quality Monitoring

We will use your personal information to contact you, so that we can ensure that you are still using our service or not and we can also ask your for suggestions that can make our website more functional and easy to operate to our users from any part of the world.

Online Advertising

We can use the information to produce some results for our own use only. We can use the information to measure your preference about our website and we can change our website according to our users searching results and this will increase the number of users and ultimately it will work as the online advertising for our website.

We never use the personal information of our users to advertise our website, we just use the information to check the result of our advertisement and then according to the result we will change our website preferences. We use different services from different companies to optimize and manage our businesses on the internet.

We use the help of the marketing company to use the advertise program more effectively and also to increase the number of authentic users and how can we use them. The marketing company uses our incoming personal information and we provide them strict binding about what part can be used and what part not.

The Privacy Technology

We request simple information from our users and this information are kept securely in our web server behind two strong fire walls and the fire walls are always updated according to the latest requirements and threat to the security of our user's personal information. We can have links of different websites but we will not be responsible for their acts to their visitors.

Notification of Changes

We always update our privacy policy according to our content and we usually put notifications with the newsletter and on the front page of the website about the changes but to read the whole changes you have to read the whole privacy policy of our privacy policy section and if you have any suggestion you can also send that via the contact us section of our website.

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