One play strategy

Slot machines keep evolving new ways and means to win a big game. Different formulas have been tried and tested time and again. Some of them have brought Jackpots. This could be just propaganda to win over gamblers to play at them, or an advertisement for the slots, which would attract players. A technique that will definitely bring a win perhaps is being discussed here.


The most important thing for a slot machine is to have a slot with equal ratio. One has to understand what an equal ratio is. This ratio brings 30 dollars if you use 3 dollars. This kind of game play uses a strategy of deviation. Brochures are available at the casino counter for any kind of help regarding the slots. In this regard even slot helpers can suggest the most trusted machine.

Game trials

When you think a particular machine is good, you just sit at the machine and start playing. See how much payout the machine offers to you at the end of the game. If the payout by the machine is 1:3, i.e. on the wager of 1 dollar the return is 3 dollars, the machine is fine. But if it is only giving 1:2 or 1:1, then go to the next step

Play another game. If you win something, check the ratio. If the machine is giving you 4 dollars for a wager of 1, then use the payout to play three more games. This time if the amount of payout in not a multiple of four, it would be better for you to stop the play. Select another machine. See if that machine is paying out appropriate amount then it is okay. Remember the machines on which one strategy play works, leave the others.

Keep it in mind to stop playing on unresponsive machines. It is no use wasting your time on those. It is not sure that playing and winning once gives you a chance to win the jackpot. Choose the bet style and technique of winning the game, but make sure that you have tried at least once, the above mentioned strategy once.

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