Slot machines have 3 reels generally. As soon as a player enters a coin into the machine and starts the spin, three random numbers are picked, one each for the three reels. The numbers are selected by a software based application that is capable of choosing numbers at very fast rates, even up to 1000 numbers per second. These selected numbers are responsible for determining whether the player wins or not.


For the Red, Blue and White colors, each number can lead to 64 different results. Every number has a stop location that is graphed on a lookup table. Depending on the number of stop positions in each reel, here are a few approximations on the lookup table for Red, White and Green.

Almost instantly after the numbers get selected, they are graphed to the stop positions with the help of the look up table. The result is decided and if the numbers are favorable to the player, he or she wins. Suppose if the selected numbers were 26, 8 and 43, the result would be Blue 7, blank and Red 7.

You should observe that there are groups of the same symbol in each reel. For example, the stops 60, 61 and 62 in the 1st reel are allocated to the symbol 1 bar. If any of these 3 numbers are selected, it leads to the 1 bar symbol. Each reel consists of 22 groups of similar symbols. Traditional slot machines with three reels are based on electronics and mechanics and are called Stepper Slots. These always have 22 groups of symbols in each of the three reels.

You should also observe that just the stop 45 of the 1st reel of these machines have the Red 7 symbol, all the rest stops have five locations. This arrangement is responsible for the very common just missed or near miss phenomenon. While playing slots, you will notice that the spinning stops just above or below the winning position. This is caused by the position of the stop 45. A lot of people complain that this is unfair and gives the house an edge.

Reduce the house's advantage:

  • In most slots, the winning money is bigger for maximum coins played. For example, for 2 coins, the maximum jackpot might be 2000 coins. But, for 3 coins, the jackpot amount rises to 4000. You should decide which option to go for carefully. It is better to bet one coin on the option with more coinage, than to play with maximum coins in an option with lower coinage.
  • You should be careful not to forget taking your winnings in the form of credits or coins.
  • You should observe and find machines with higher payout rates. There are machines that specify that they pay at the rate of 97%, 99%, etc.
  • You should use the slot card at regular interval; otherwise, you might lose credits.

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