Loose slot machines

Loose machines are found in casinos where games of Slots are played. The organizers manipulate these machines in the absence of other machines, to pay out 96-99% of the money that is deposited by the players. Casinos give out an average of 83% and 99% on these machines. Some players are so eager to play and win that they just throw large amounts of money into the machines. However, the smarter ones take care, for they know how to earn more through these machines.

Placement of the Machines

If a person manages to figure out the slot placements of the casino people, then he is lucky enough to go for a win. Placement of a machine within places known to give a win, will not necessarily give you any guarantee of winning. That is why the game is a gambling game. A player has to be smarter than the casino people to win the odds.

First area of placement

This area lies next to the cashiers' den. People can be seen standing in a line, waiting for their turn. A huge amount of racket is being made at the nearby tables, the machines are busy, the guests are enjoying. It will take only a couple of minutes to see the people in the line launch themselves besides the machines they have been watching since long.

Second area of placement

This place is found on the elevated platforms, "Carousels". These are found in some casinos, not all. A lot depends upon their size etc. Casinos with such playing platforms are sure to have machines that are loose. Casino people are satisfied with the greedy looks of the bystanders, they do not necessarily want anyone to get up and start playing there. Slots playing by the players make their day anyhow.

Third area of placement

These are best known as Crosswalks or Slot aisles. The placement is such that it would entice the player to cross over and play at it, because he can gauge from the expressions of the people at the table, that they are winning.

Fourth area of placement

Slot machine manufacturers own areas in the casino. Therefore, you can find your loose machines in these areas. These areas are normally freestanding kiosks on the main playing floor. Many times the owners offer a higher percentage of payouts than what is offered by the casino owners. This is done in order to incite people to buy more of these machines. It is the slot brand name, which is offered, examples of which are: Popeye, Blondie, Wheel of Fortune etc. You can just bribe a casino employee in telling you as to whom does the machine belong to.

Fifth placement area

The favorite with outgoing people and players is the area, which offers snacks and beverages. These snack bars are not there by chance. They are there to serve an important purpose. While the players feed, they watch the players at the slots; the person in the snack bar receives the excitement felt by the players out there. Moreover, the hungry man just wants to rush out and start his rounds at the machines again.

Nevertheless, the advice is to take your winnings back to your home.

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