Bankroll Management Strategy

One should learn about bankroll management. Certain rules have to be adhered to manage the bankrolls. A person needs to be well disciplined. Rules are different for people who play cash games and tournaments respectively. Both rules are simple and unconservative. As one moves on a higher level of the game, the struggle increases, and so does the excitement. In this situation, micro-stakes players should hold tightly to their bankrolls.

Bankroll Management

A player should have 20 buy-ins in his bankroll to start the game. With 15 buy-ins and less, you will have to move down a level. 1 buy-in is equal to 100 big blinds. If you deposit $50, then you must start the play with $2NL. If the game does not go well at $5NL, and your bankroll comes down to $75 i.e. 15 buy-ins, you should drop to $2NL, and move upwards at a slow pace. To move back is a good strategy on the part of a good bankroll manager.

Multi- Table Tournaments

Multi-table tournaments (MTTs) are hard on bankroll grinding. Variance in them could be close to brutal. At micro level there are very few tournaments, small bankroll in such a case is not sufficient. Micro players might opt for satellite tournaments, which require very low buy-ins. These will be only sufficient for buying tournament tickets. One should avoid the temptation to play with the ticket in the big tournament. Play within your bankroll only.

Summing Up

Proper managing of your bankroll should neither be difficult not offering obstacles to your growth as a slot player. The above given guidelines will help the micro-stakes players. As one moves towards more aggressive competitive games, he starts losing patience. This is but natural. In this instance, it is advisable to be conservative in bankroll management.

Further, ahead it would become a part of your nature to hold on tightly to your bankrolls. One should not act fast, should not worry about the level on which the other players are, and one should not feel ashamed of moving down.

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