Differences between Australian Pokies and Common Slots

It's well-known that the first slot machine appeared in 1887 and in Australia it appeared in the early 1900's. By 1980'several innovations in slot machines were made by Australians. Nevertheless rules are almost the same.

Australian Pokies as a variant of slot games

Australians used to have pokies almost in every pub and bar through the country. Pokies hold a special place in recognition off Australian nation. And all adults in the country can easily say that they have played this game at least few times.

There are from 10 till 100 symbols per reel in Pokies. Each symbol has definite number. After the "spin" button is pushed EPROM chooses 5 numbers and reels start spinning and select the combination of the numbers.

When you hit the winning combination the preposition to double the win appears. The most remarkable thing concerning Australian Pokies is that common slot machines have about 87% of payout percentage while Australian Pokies offer 90% or even 93%.

Playing online and offline

With technological development more and more people playing all casino games on the internet. The same is in Australia. The main reason of this is that payout ratios are much higher than in land-based casinos. It goes without saying that slot payouts have the principal importance in slot games.

Offline machines pay out approximately 90% while their online counterparts can pay more than 95%. It gives a player more chances to win. That is a significant difference between these two types of pokies.


Jackpots in offline pokies can be of thousands or even hundred thousand and playing online pokies one have chance to hit $1 million (or even more) jackpot. The current record of hitting online pokies jackpot is $5 million. Also there are progressive pokies. It means that one have a chance to hit really big jackpot because such jackpots continue to grow until someone hit it.

If you want to find a good Australian pokies site you can get recommendations on the internet.

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